Tencent’s innovative Wechat app

Tencent’s innovative Wechat app
28 Aug 2017

Once again, China proves itself to be a trendsetter in the field of leading edge technologies and contemporary e-commerce. Wechat: that is the name of the app we won’t be able to ignore much longer in Germany if we want to keep pace with the times internationally. Visions of the future today, reality tomorrow, perhaps. Experts see Tencent’s messenger app as the mobile-only platform of a dawning era. In Germany, we are still holding back, but the number of those becoming interested in this compelling app from China is increasing with inexorable speed. But what are exactly the benefits and special features of this revolutionary invention? And what would be the advantages of using it in this country?

Wechat: a look into the future

The figures speak volumes: 989 million people worldwide have already chosen to use Wechat. And this trend is on the rise. Whereas in China, professional communication without the app is no longer thinkable, in Germany, the number of those to have recognised the importance of this messenger has, up until now, been limited to global companies and marketing experts. For those maintaining relationships with China, everyday working life without Wechat is no longer conceivable. The benefits of this app are clear, it offers a comprehensive combination of different functions – to be more precise: it offers services like Facebook, Paypal and WhatsApp all on a single platform.

Excursus: opening a Wechat Official Account – challenges and opportunities

But how exactly do I get access to a Wechat Official Account, and what do I need to know when creating one. Differences in the Wechat account are not immediately obvious to the uninitiated at first glance. However, in view of the variety of different account types as well as the numerous options when creating an account, care should be taken. Up until April 2017, the group of those able to enjoy the benefits of a Wechat account was limited to companies that had a Chinese business licence. In the past, many companies were only able to overcome this hurdle by creating an account via a Chinese partner. However, since the beginning of the year, the “international alternative” has been available, giving German companies, even without Chinese business licences, the possibility of creating an account. This is something which western companies that use e-commerce to promote their products on the Chinese market, among others, should take note of.

Wechat on the German and European market: superfluous luxury or absolute necessity?

In its current version, Wechat is, above all, a tool with which to win Chinese customers. However, the app is basically designed to address diverse target groups, so that products of all kinds can be promoted. Popular areas are content marketing, direct customer contact and the use of “Wechat shops”, with the aim of establishing individual sales structures.

The success of this internet giant, which effortlessly keeps pace with Google and Amazon, confirms that it is on the right track with its focus on the mobile boom. Fast, uncomplicated and up-to-date: these are just a few of the attributes with which Wechat scores. In addition to the regular sending of mass messages to potential customers, the app can be used as a complex sales tool, including professional CMR and direct sales via the Wechat shop.

Whether used privately, on a freelance basis or on behalf of larger companies, this app guarantees maximum efficiency with the least amount of time spent. The Wechat Pay method can already be used throughout Europe via Wirecard. A further increase in the popularity of this app – or reasonable alternatives – in Germany is to be expected in the near future.

Julia Nitsch

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