We will dispose of your old data carriers safely and professionally.

Hard drives and other data carriers are subject to a natural decay. Memory errors increase over time, depending on how intensively the equipment is used. So it makes sense to monitor hard drives and replace them if you suspect they are damaged. Even if you have your old hardware refurbished, not all hard drives can be reused. So what should you do with hard drives when they come to the end of their lives?

Professional disposal of your old hard drives

Even old and possibly defective hard drives contain important corporate data, which may reveal information about your company if they are not disposed of properly. What’s more, strict security standards may require the destruction of data carriers. If a hard drive cannot be reused, or if it is just broken, then shredding this data carrier is a secure solution.

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Certified data carrier destruction

We can destroy your data carriers in line with the most stringent security requirements. We use high-performance shredders from renowned manufacturers which, in line with DIN 66399, shred the hard drive to a particle size of max. 320mm2.

Complies with the EU GDPR

Highest protection requirement

We guarantee 100% destruction of your data, in line with the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) as per DIN 66399-1:2012-10, DIN 66399-2:2012-10 and DIN SPEC 6399-3:2013-02. Protection class 3 destruction with H-5 security level for hard drives is guaranteed. We can make a video of the destruction upon request.

Destruction of your data in line with DIN 66399
Suitable for confidential and sensitive data

Environmentally-friendly recycling

The waste products from the shredding process are recycled in an environmentally-friendly way and reintroduced into the reutilization cycle. The process, certified according to ISO 14001, guarantees a professional disposal procedure.

Adherence to stringent environmental standards
Important raw materials are conserved

Our specialists will help you find a customized solution for the secure disposal of your old data carriers.