We offer EU GDPR-compliant and audit-proof data deletion for your company.

If hardware leaves your premises, the security of your corporate data is something to think about. Therefore, we have made it our mission to reliably delete your data and thus protect it from being accessed by third parties. We initiate the deletion process as soon as we receive your hardware. So you can be sure your data will not end up in unauthorized hands. With our partners, we will ensure that the deletion of your data is 100% complete and audit-proof.

Legal obligations regarding data deletion

Thanks to the EU GDPR, personal data are subject to special protection. Apart from competitive disadvantage due to industrial espionage, careless disposal of old hard drives can result in breaking data protection laws. Here it is the managing director and the board who are liable, not the data protection officer. So stay on the safe side with certified data deletion. Green IT Solution GmbH can help you here. We offer our service in cooperation with our certified partners. Your data protection officers can access our premises at any time and of course we treat all your data as confidential. You will receive a detailed deletion report once the deletion is complete.

We give you telephone support!

Simply get in touch. Tugrul Cebeci from the Green IT Solution sales team is available on +49 89 215 37 01-0. If you would prefer to write to us, please use our contact form.

EU GDPR-compliant solutions

We can guarantee your data is deleted in line with the EU-GDPR. The deletion process is certified by the BSI and 100% guarantees audit-proof deletion of your data. Once the deletion process is complete, it is technically impossible to retrieve your data.

Secure data deletion

Data deletion software from market leader Blancco

To delete your data, we use software from Blancco, the global market leader. We will perform the deletion according to your pre-specified standard and appropriately for your individual protection requirement.

Tailored to your needs
Audit-proof deletion

Traceable and secure

The deletion process is standardized and certified by the BSI. All data is deleted independent of the condition of the hardware. Once the process is complete, you will receive a protocol detailing all the necessary and legally-relevant process data.

Complete transparency
Compliance with all legal standards

Speak to one of our specialists about your data deletion requirements.

Implementing data deletion

We guarantee the transparent and traceable deletion of your old data.

Renowned partners for your security

Together with our contract partners and Blancco, the leading data deletion software, Green IT Solution GmbH ensures secure and legally-compliant deletion of your data.

Data deletion according to BSI-certified processes

Data deletion is performed according to a BSI-certified deletion process and is irrevocable and audit-proof. The entire process is documented in full and can be traced at any time.

Deletion protocols give you legal certainty

Once the deletion process is complete, you will receive a detailed deletion protocol for each data carrier containing all the legally-relevant information about the process.