Donation to the Münchner Tafel e.V.

Donation to the Münchner Tafel e.V.
31 Mrz 2021

In Bavaria alone, more than 200,000 people receive help from the Tafel (food bank). In Germany as a whole the figure is around 1.65 million people.

“Nothing is any good unless it results in action!”

Heartfelt gratitude for a jar of tomato sauce. Some of our CSR Team were able to experience this overwhelming feeling for themselves. After weeks of absence, the sun was shining with full force on Wednesday – not just to the benefit of the staff at the Tafel, but for the visitors too, who sometimes have to queue for hours with their families. The fact is, children and young people make up around 30% of the visitors to the distribution points. Those using the Tafel food bank services include the unemployed, people on low incomes and pensioners. As single parents and migrants are particularly affected by poverty, they often approach the Tafel for help. Tafel Deutschland and the local Tafel branches are financed almost exclusively by donations.

This is where we wanted to help, so we got our staff to collect non-perishable foodstuffs, sanitary products etc. at our two locations in Inning am Ammersee and in Munich. This activity did not require any large gatherings: it was possible to adhere to the pandemic-related hygiene regulations and everyone was able to do their bit. When the country is not in lockdown, these kinds of donations can be made regularly to the Tafel directly. It makes sense to call the local distribution point to find out what they currently need. Then everyone, including private individuals, can do something to help in these difficult times. With 8.3 kg of food being handed out every second across all the Tafel in Germany, we were happy to be able to make a small contribution.

The CSR Team’s work bears fruit!

Equipped with visitor’s passes, our company student from the Marketing Department and our Charity Manager went to the distribution point on the West gate. We asked what they needed in advance and assembled our donation accordingly. The on-site coordinator next to the tent sent our team to the responsible receiver, who welcomed us warmly and thanked us profusely before unloading the goods. Just one look at the place tells you that it is always very busy at our local Tafel food bank. Despite the stressful atmosphere resulting from the large number of visitors, all the social distancing and hygiene regulations were strictly controlled and adhered to. All the volunteers carried out their tasks smoothly and incredibly quickly, so that the visitors didn’t need to wait longer than necessary. For example, our tin of tomato sauce disappeared into someone’s bag within 15 minutes, and the work continued as normal. Through this donation, our team received a direct insight into the organisation and the implementation of the work carried out by the Tafel.

Food waste and environmental protection

But donating to the Tafel is not just a big help to those in need: you’re also doing something useful to protect the environment and to prevent food waste. Many people might not see the background to these donations to start with, because their priority is to help people suffering from social deprivation.

But all the same, globally around 1.3 billion tonnes of food are simply thrown away each year. This generates 3.3 billion tons of greenhouse gases worldwide, just from food waste.

The conclusion for us as a company

Despite all the work-related and global pandemic stress, we hope this donation – and our donations in the future too, of course – will help keep up our awareness of wider issues. This and similar activities underline our social responsibility: not just relating to our environment but also in society – something which Green IT Solution GmbH has always been committed to as well.

We have not only incorporated these ever-present ideas into our mission as a company, but have turned them into a labour of love. We look forward to undertaking further projects to help make the world a little bit better. Surely every one of us has occasionally thought about how selfless it would be to give something back to society, right?

When was the last time you made a donation?

Lisa Neulichedl