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FireEye is a prevention and security measure for enterprises of every size which are trying to defend themselves against increasing threats due to data gaps, zero day attacks and other complex cyber threats. The spectrum ranges from downtime or negative headlines through to expensive damage limitation efforts. All industries are affected.


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Introducing the FireEye product family

Nowadays, cyber attacks are no longer a rarity. A complex package of solutions is necessary to provide appropriate protection. For this purpose, FireEye has developed a platform which provides enterprises, governmental organisations and institutes with optimum protection from next-generation cyber attacks. Of course this is only possible by using the latest technology. After all, this concerns stopping an adversary who is such a highly-qualified expert that he knows how to get around all the classic signature-based protection measures, including IPS, gateways, antivirus packages and next-generation firewalls. The FireEye platform can be regarded as a response to this challenge. It delivers comprehensive, dynamic protection in real-time – which does not require the use of signatures. This extremely high security standard is primarily thanks to the Virtual Execution Engine, which, combined with flexible threat intelligence, forms the heart of this cutting-edge technology. It targets the entire attack cycle and diffuses each phase with suitable counteractive measures. In view of the currently 3,100 customers from 67 countries, FireEye’s success speaks for itself.


Wherever conventional security measures are no longer sufficient, that is where FireEye gets down to work. Because, when necessary, even encrypted threats can be detected. The options are the FireEye solutions „Network Security Power“ and „Network Security Essentials“.

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If cyber criminals attempt to gain access to the life and work of their victim via their e-mail address, the EX and ETP solutions from FireEye provide appropriate protection. If, for example, URLs or e-mail attachments are suspicious, these will be investigated in detail.

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Hidden contents are often transported via file sharing. To exclude potentially harmful elements, the relevant contents must be scanned. This task is performed by the effective FX series File Content Security products.

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A careful analysis of any sources of danger is performed at the endpoints. The FireEye HX series Endpoint Security products continuously check the endpoints for threats.

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Mobile devices are particularly attractive targets for cyber criminals. Attacks which, for example, take place via harmful apps can be detected in advance using Mobile Threat Prevention from FireEye.

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To prevent future cyber attacks effectively, in-depth analysis of current attacks has proven advisable. The AX series Malware Analysis products have proven particularly effective in this regard.

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Robust forensic functions are required to detect gaps in security, resolve them and avoid them in the future. FireEye offers this in the form of the well-established combination of PX and IA series products, which comprises the Investigation Analysis System and the Network Forensics Platform.

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Green IT Solution GmbH is a FireEye partner

We are a certified FireEye partner. If you have questions about security, firewalls etc., then give us a call or send us an e-mail. We are happy to support and advise you.

Customers who choose FireEye

FireEye customers value maximum data security and secure failure protection

FireEye as a solution for governmental organisations and supply companies

Don’t waste valuable time. Take action to protect yourself against highly-sophisticated cyber attacks in advance! Every three minutes there are new threats targeting your institution or organisation. The attackers are generally individuals who want to get money by acquiring control of your data. So don’t remain passive: fight your attackers using FireEye Adaptive Defense – an advanced technology which is even equipped to deal with complex attacks on governmental organisations.

FireEye as a security strategy to be recommended for the pharmaceuticals industry

Naturally the same applies to the pharmaceuticals industry as well. Because sophisticated cyber criminals also have pharmaceutical companies in their sights. These experienced tricksters are interested in, for example, research results, pharmaceutical formulations as well as personal data, notes and future research intentions. So here it has also proven significantly advantageous to take preventive action in time, using the adaptive-defensive strategy.

FireEye as optimum protection for small and medium-sized enterprises

If you belong to this target group, you should definitely consider effective and well-established security measures as well. The attackers are targeting the identities and financial data of your customers. They want to destroy your reputation and competitiveness. But happily you can fight back. Because with the highly-sophisticated defence system from FireEye, even the trickiest cyber attackers don’t stand a chance.

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