Threat intelligence as an important element of adaptive defence

Especially when it comes to cyber threats, rapid and flexible action is required. After all, this is an area which is characterised by constant change. Specifically, this means that those affected should use appropriate preventative measures to defend against sophisticated attacks from cyber criminals. Essentially, the idea is to block access to the networks of companies, governmental organisations and institutions sufficiently so that unauthorised people do not have a chance to circumvent the chosen defence mechanism. As the type of attacks is continuously changing, a significant task for the responsible security personnel is the early detection of cyber threats and the initiation of the steps required for effective defence. Here it is also important to differentiate between a serious risk and the commonplace.

This is no longer a problem with Threat Intelligence from FireEye. This is because the highly-sophisticated Threat Intelligence is based on thorough Incidence Response analysis and threat data, which, in turn, is built on accomplished virtualisation technology. This enables global contact between security teams, making it easier to identify potential attackers as well as general and specific risks and dangers in advance. This also includes complex cyber attacks of the highest standard, which can be detected and investigated effectively using FireEye Threat Intelligence, so they can be prevented in both the short and long-term.

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FireEye Threat Intelligence as a robust and well-established strategy for the prevention of cyber attacks

To detect threats early on and, consequently, reduce the damage to a minimum, access to analysis tools and threat data is required. FireEye Intelligence has proven to be particularly effective in this regard.

Some of the clear advantages are the ability to react immediately to attacks, as well as analysing and dealing with the relevant security risks quickly. Furthermore, your cyber security approach will be subjected to careful checking and corrected or optimised if necessary. This will enable these tools and resources to be used to the best effect as protection against potential cyber threats in the future. In turn, FireEye’s global threat data network helps identify highly-sophisticated cyber attacks, such as zero day exploits.

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