How to identify and combat suspicious content hidden in SharePoint and file sharing

The most important systems in an enterprise are exposed to all kinds of dangers and risks. Portable storage media and online file sharing are particularly susceptible to complex, highly-sophisticated cyber attacks. If these are not sufficiently protected, it could have severe consequences for the affected enterprise.

Here, the File Content Security products from FireEye guarantee an effective solution. The FX series gives you the ability to react quickly and competently in case of emergency. In a first step, FireEye File Content Security will make the inspection of internal file sharing for suspicious content easier. This means that serious sources of danger in the form of external media such as storage devices and online file sharing (which could enter the enterprise systems and cause considerable damage) are excluded.

With this background, the advantages of FireEye Content Security are quite clear.

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Advantages of  File Content Security

Effective defence against file sharing based on cyber attacks

A significant advantage of FireEye Content Security is the protection against malware – which has been discovered in files stored either on the network or in content sharing systems.

Identification of complex and advanced malware

Even if the malware is extremely advanced, users of FireEye Content Security have nothing to fear. Because even unknown and passive malware which is not identified by common antivirus solutions is detected easily by FireEye products. The WebDAV protocol is used to illuminate the SharePoint document management systems. On request, or according to a schedule, NFS and CIFS-compatible file shares are scanned, without slowing down the server performance.

Rapid reaction during security incidents

Apart from this, FireEye Content Security investigates and evaluates a whole range of file types, including JPG, vCards, PDF, Quicktime, ZIP/RAR/TNEF, PNG, Real Player and MP3. Depending on preferences, selected (or all) files, file domains and hard drives are scanned. The File Content Security solutions can be combined with all FireEye cyber security products and used for the analysis of threat data.

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