Identify and deflect e-mail threats successfully using FireEye Email Security products

Ein leichter Zugang für Cyberkriminelle sind E-Mails. Handelt es sich um versierte Angreifer, so erweisen sich klassische Schutzvorkehrungen wie Spam-Filter und Antivirus-Lösungen, die in der Regel signaturabhängig sind, als wirkungslos. Im Fachjargon spricht man hier von sogenannten Spear-Phishing-Angriffen, welche unter anderem mittels des Versands schädigender URLs und Dateianhänge erfolgen.

You can get effective protection from these kind of cyber threats by using e-mail security solutions from FireEye (EX series and ETP). Specifically, this means that potentially risky URLs and e-mail attachments are executed and evaluated in a test run. If the suspicion is confirmed and harmful elements are present, these will be disposed of. In this way, affected companies have the chance to identify cyber threats in time and, where necessary, initiate the required protective actions immediately. In addition, in FireEye’s Email Security package, the Email Threat Prevention (ETP) is in the cloud, which represents comprehensive protection against spam and viruses.

Auf den Punkt gebracht bietet die E-Mail-Sicherheit von FireEye neben der effektiven Abwehr von Cyberbedrohungen vor dem Posteingang folgende Vorteile.

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Advantages of  Email Security

Potentially damaging links and sophisticated malware is identified in time

Primarily responsible for the effective prevention measures is the patented Multi-Vector Virtual Execution Machine, which supplies the FireEye global network with up-to-date threat data every hour, and carries out more than 50 billion analyses every day. Here, the main focus is of course the detection of known and suspicious malware as well as dangerous URLs and file attachments.

Rapid reaction in case of emergency

Rapid reaction is possible by using cloud-supported antispam and anti-virus features and the careful investigation of complex threats. Thorough forensic studies making use of malware information from other providers‘ antivirus packages also create the basis for appropriate preventative measures and immediate action models for security incidents.

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