FireEye Endpoint Security enables effective defence against targeted cyber threats and zero day exploits

In the context of adaptive security, the checking of all attack vectors is necessary. What’s more, immediate action is required to keep the potential damage to a minimum. This means it is important to analyse cyber threats quickly. This process involves tracing activities right back to the end points.

The HX series Endpoint Security products fulfil these requirements ideally. Because, with solutions from FireEye which have proven to be effective, endpoints can be checked non-stop for risk indicators and advanced malware. This also includes risk factors which cannot be identified by conventional, signature-dependent defence systems.

But what are the actual advantages of the innovative Endpunkt Security from FireEye in detail?

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Advantages of  HX Endpoint Security

Infiltrated endpoints are identified by FireEye Endpoint Security

Dangers, risks and threats are detected both locally and at the external endpoints, and not just via FireEye platforms – which are primarily responsible for the security of e-mails, content and the network. In addition, it prevents the infiltrated endpoint being misused by cyber criminals as a starting point for serious threats, such as advanced malware. Furthermore, as well as the company’s own threat data, global information compiled by communities is also used to exploit every chance of – in the ideal case – preventing the risks and dangers for your company, or at least keeping them as small as possible.

Starting cyber attacks via infiltrated endpoints becomes impossible

With FireEye Endpoint Security, there is no waiting time for entering login data or receiving access permission – and with it the risk that these can be read by cyber criminals. To deflect current attacks, the system is isolated. Furthermore, it prevents other systems being infiltrated.

Faster reaction in the case of security problems at endpoints

Automated data compilation in different systems enables a better overview of any security threats. Furthermore, potential connections between incidents in different systems are identified and forensic data stored in order to react appropriately to future attacks.

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