How to prevent complex attacks on the network infrastructure, data and users effectively

With the Network Security solutions from FireEye you will receive all-round protection from complex threats. Specifically, this is a combination of classic signature-independent MVX engine intrusion prevention systems and data-supported identification features. This comprehensive package of high-performance tools includes both detailed warning messages and guaranteed rapid detection of dangers. Additionally, the number of unnecessary tasks is reduced. This does not just result in a considerable reduction in the risks which accompany unknown threats, but you also save valuable time: since you can concentrate immediately on the messages which signify a real danger.

Another advantage in this context is the reduction in operating costs resulting from false alarms. With FireEye Netzwerk Security solutions, you will therefore no longer have any difficulty uncovering threats which cannot be detected by classic security packages. To avoid severe data losses, defence measures are generally necessary which are more far-reaching than conventional, general identification measures and safeguards. Specialists in the field of security advise immediate action as well as rapid forwarding of the threat data in the case of a threat. Encrypted dangers can be identified and prevented effortlessly using the add-on Secure Sockets Layer Intercept Appliance.

To summarise, it can be stated that you are making a great choice in your network security if the relevant security solution can handle the following functions and tasks.Eine überdurchschnittliche hohe und anhaltende Anpassungsfähigkeit an eine fortwährend im Wandel begriffene Bedrohungsumgebung

  • An above-average and sustained adaptability to a threat environment which is constantly changing
  • Considerable savings of time, effort and energy thanks to the limitation of tasks which are not necessarily required
  • The ability to identify dangers and risks which cannot be detected by classic security solutions from the competition
  • Sustained flexibility and scalability for enterprise expansion

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Enterprise class network security platform with context-related threat data for effective initial assessments and reactions

For a realistic assessment of security incidents and an appropriate reaction, an enterprise class network security platform is necessary, which can deliver threat data relating to the relevant context.

With NX Power, you get a complete defence system which incorporates situation-related data material as well as integrated security process and, furthermore, contributes to a considerable increase in transparency within the entire company. To summarise, NX Power offers you the following options.

  • Lower operating costs due to considerable time saving in the detection and analysis of risks and a lower a number of warnings
  • Easier identification of the attacker and their goals, thanks to detailed warnings and context data material via APT
  • Highly-advanced, complex features which, thanks to the patented MVX engine, leave classic security solutions far behind when it comes to power and performance
  • Integrated security processes using cloud-supported investigations and evaluations as orientation for problem-free threat data analysis and initiation of the required countermeasures


Enterprise class network security platform with context-related threat data for effective initial assessments and reactions

Network Security Essentials from FireEye is an enterprise class solution offering enterprises a cost-efficient variant for defence against complex threats, as well as establishing maximum network security. This provides comprehensive protection which is not only able to detect and prevent known risks, dangers and threats, but new ones as well. In a nutshell, NX Essentials offers you the following possibilities.

  • Optimisation of security efficiency using warning reduction features for riskware and IPS, as well as simplification of the warning management
  • Building trust thanks to the separation of real threats and false alarms, as well as being able to identify and defend against complex attacks
  • Early detection threats thanks to the highly advanced MVX engine
  • A decrease in the overall operating costs due to the reduced amount of work and time needed to detect and evaluate threats and, closely linked to this, a limitation of the incoming messages

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