Our CSR activities in 2021

Our CSR activities in 2021
12 Jan 2022

Despite the many challenges in the last year, we’d like to take a look back at all the great moments – where we were able to help other people or do something positive to protect the environment.

We’re far from perfect, but we’re always striving to challenge our activities from a sustainability and social engagement perspective – in line with the SDGs (Sustainability Development Goals) – and to raise awareness about the “self-evident” things in life. This covers a huge field: from separating waste properly through to a sustainable value chain.

Against food waste

Every year, large amounts of food are thrown away without a second thought – even though it’s still perfectly good to eat. This is not just a huge problem for the environment: tonnes of food are being destroyed while, at the same time, 1.6 million people live in poverty. With our first action, we wanted to raise awareness about food waste and support the Münchner Tafel with a donation. So our employees raided their larders and brought both food and sanitary products to work. Our CSR team then delivered the full boxes to the collection point.

Environmental protection and sustainability

Another issue which is close to our hearts is a diverse, fertile and healthy environment. Bees are hugely important for us and our ecosystem. Because we believe in ecological beekeeping methods which promote the welfare of bees, we’re sponsoring a regional bee colony. We’ve already tasted the first crop of honey and we’re looking forward to doing more with our bee sponsorship in the spring.

For a long time, bogs were regarded as problematic for people and so they were drained. But bogs have an important role to play for our climate, as they are capable of storing large quantities of CO2 – as well as providing a habitat for many types of plants and animals. By sponsoring bogs through the Greensurance Foundation, we are supporting rewilding activities and raising awareness about a long-underestimated climate champion.

The Green IT Charity Run

Our first charity run was a big success. Fourteen employees raised 1500 € for the Initiative Krebskranke Kinder München e.V. The charity supports children with cancer and their relatives – with a diverse range of offers such as professional help to cope with the illness, nutritional advice and sport and exercise activities, right through to the clinic clown or music and art therapy in the cancer wards.

Flood disaster in 2021

Last year, many people were affected by one of the most severe natural disasters in German history. 180 people lost their lives, thousands lost everything they owned and rebuilding will take years. Our donation will help the flood relief effort, supporting people who are suffering severe hardship due to the floods.

Little Home

Homeless people are one of the least-protected groups in our society and, due to the pandemic, the situation has become much worse. The voluntary initiative “Little Home e.V” has confronted the challenges associated with homelessness. It doesn’t just provide homeless people with a 3.2 m2 “Little Home”, but also helps them reintegrate into society. With help from the initiative, last year we were able to build our first “Little Home”.

What’s more, we were able to give homeless people internet access with a total of 52 refurbished laptops. Nowadays, IT equipment is an important prerequisite in the search for work and accommodation – as well as for receiving training by social workers.

We support the Johanniter Christmas truckers

Last year showed in many ways just how quickly people can get into difficulties – through no fault of their own. People who, through poverty and illness, are suffering most from the economic fallout of the pandemic and who have to rely on help all the more.

The Johanniter Christmas truckers have been delivering to thousands of recipients in six countries since 1993. They include disadvantaged families, children in need in schools and orphanages, young people with disabilities as well as visitors to soup kitchens. In 2021 we, too, were one of the numerous collection points for gift packets.

Thanks to our involvement, many disadvantaged children and adults received a package from the Christmas truckers. We packed the parcels and handed them over to the Johanniter on December 13. As well as colouring books and toothpaste, the packages also contained provisions such as flour and rice – basics some of us take for granted, but for others a welcome gift.

What’s coming up in 2022?

In 2022, we believe it’s important to keep building on our targets for sustainable development: which is why we’re already planning many more exciting projects. Would you like to do a project with us too? Then get in touch with our CSR team, we’d be happy to advise you.

Lisa Neulichedl