Our donation: happy children in pony camp

Our donation: happy children in pony camp
09 Feb 2018

Christmas is over. The cake is all gone, the tree has been taken down and the Christmas decorations have all been put back in the cupboard. So what’s left of Christmas 2017? Hopefully a lot of happy memories. Especially for the youngest among us. Because, let’s be honest, when was it that Christmas still had that incomparable magic? Back in our childhood, we think. This is why we at Green IT Solution are so happy about our donation last Christmas. This time we were able to donate 500 euros towards a very special present: a pony camp for visually impaired and blind children in Bosnia.

A pony camp for Christmas

This is organised every Christmas by Sascha Nagel and his partner Lara, in the Bosnian village of Rakovica. The whole year long, the children look forward to riding and having a great time with the animals. An experience they would be unable to have without support through donations. After the riding, there was a small Christmas celebration for the children and their parents, with presents, a Christmas tree, punch and cake – everything to make it a real Christmas celebration, and certainly not taken for granted by the children in Rakovica. Sascha documented the loveliest moments with his camera.

Donations for disadvantaged children

The pony camp – a great event by Sascha and Lara, which we are happy to support. And not the only one: Sascha Nagel has already organised many donations for Bosnian children and young people. At the end of the 1990s, Sascha was stationed in Bosnia-Herzegovina as a soldier in the German army. The impressions he came away with from that time were so strong that, years later, he returned to Bosnia again on a private trip. This resulted in a deep affection for the country and its people, and a desire to help. One of the former soldier’s special concerns: supporting disadvantaged children in Bosnia through private donations.

Schoolbags, hardware, football

Since then, with great passion and commitment, Sasha has organised numerous fund-raising activities for children in Bosnia, for example Schoolbags for Bosnia or the football camps which the German sports enthusiast organises in collaboration with the Football factory. And a donation particularly close to the heart of Green IT Solution: urgently-needed IT equipment for vocational college students. Last summer, with our hardware donation, we were able to give 36 fully-equipped PC workstations to the final year IT class at the vocational college in Bugojno, Bosnia.

By the way, Sasha organises hardware donations (such as that made by Green IT Solution) three or four times a year for different schools in Bosnia. This means it is possible to do good throughout the year, and not just at Christmas.


Stefan Winklhofer


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