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Plant a tree with Green IT supports Plant for the Planet
07 Sep 2015

Plant a tree with Green IT

There are lots of interesting projects in the field of environmental protection. Time and again, attention is focused on the topic of reducing carbon dioxide. Recently we were particularly won over by “Plant for the Planet”. That’s why we immediately decided to support this project in two respects.

With trees against carbon dioxide

“Plant for the Planets” follows an equally simple and convincing philosophy for reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere: The obtained donation money is used to plant trees. After all, it is well known that trees, by using the billions of year old process of photosynthesis, ensure that carbon dioxide and water are turned into sugar and oxygen – thus carbon dioxide is neutralized and removed from the atmosphere. This process is still one of the most effective means against the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide on a large scale. That way the natural consumption through photosynthesis is going to increase. Up until now this project was already able to enrich the worldwide ecosystem by more than 14 billion trees. 14 billion new, entirely natural, photosynthesis powered air filters. An impressive number – Plant a tree with Green IT decides that’s a good enough reason to financially support “Plant for the Planet” with donations in the future.

Donating trees or money?

Everyone can send their donation to the project, it doesn’t matter if it’s a big group or a private individual. At the same time, it is particularly interesting that the donor can decide themselves how the donated amount should be used. On the one hand there is the possibility to let the money flow directly into the different tree planting projects worldwide. On the other, it can call the attention of children from across the world to the topic of protecting the environment in so called academies and educate them to be “Climate Justice Ambassadors”. In this way “Plant for the Planet” improves the substantial future of the planet – in the form of the trees planted with donated money – and also the attention that is given to the topic of climate protection by the future generation. That part of the donated money is also used for organizational matters is clear – it is still mentioned refreshingly open and honest on the “Plant for the Planet” homepage in the main text and not just in the small print. According to the team of “Plant for the Planet” this can be widely eliminated with a “Tree donation”, so that the money only actually flows into the tree planting projects.

More climate education or more trees?

Naturally, there’s the question of which one is the more promising task – planting trees or educating ambassadors for climate justice in the future generation. In our eyes both goals are worthwhile. First of all we as an IT-Company certainly see our responsibility in the field of climate protection. That’s why we will henceforth regularly donate an amount to “Plant for the Planet”. That amount will grow with our respective sales figures for used devices. Our simple guideline is this: one tree per used device. With that we are using our chance to make a contribution to environmental protection which grows proportionally to the importance of our firm in the marketplace. It is our conviction that this is a road worth taking in the name of climate protection. If every firm did this – particularly of course the giant corporate groups – then there would surely be considerable achievements for climate protection.

We also support the academies, as it is equally important in our eyes that the trees planted today are not cut down again by future generations. That’s why we believe that a change in mind is just as important as the concrete reduction of the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere. It is for this reason that we would also like to support the worldwide academies implemented by “Plant for the Planet” and the supporters of the project with additional financial means, so that thoughts of climate protection can already be thriving in the adults of tomorrow. The academies teach their climate ambassadors a lot about what mankind as a whole and also what every individual can do.

Green IT Solution is getting involved

Plant a tree with Green IT – We from Green IT Solution believe that simple, well organized and thought out projects, such as “Plant for the Planet” can achieve a lot. Particularly with global tasks, it is often wise to keep the solutions to the problem as simple as possible – of course provided that the goal set can be reached that way. A philosophy that we also take to heart when it comes to our technical tasks. That’s why we eagerly await to see if the counter on the homepage actually reaches the planned trillion trees. It is surely possible with a strong support from the industry and economy – and a chance to make a variety of processes carbon dioxide neutral. Of course “Plant for the Planet” and its supporters have a lot to do until then – and a lot of convincing to do. But maybe one day, somewhere in the world, the trillionth “Plant for the Planet” seedling will be able to grow its roots in the soil.

Stefan Winklhofer

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