Raising money for the “Digitales Zuhause” (Digital Home) charity project

Raising money for the “Digitales Zuhause” (Digital Home) charity project
01 Jun 2021

We wanted to set a good example as a business and do our bit for a better future. Solidarity is more important than ever, particularly in difficult times. So we’re delighted to be able to provide long-term support for the charity Neue Chance e.V. in their “Digitales Zuhause” project. The aim of the project is to generate opportunities for people severely affected by the crisis by providing access to technical equipment.

The “Digitales Zuhause” (Digital Home) project

The pandemic has hugely affected our everyday lives and social distancing is increasingly resulting in everyday business shifting online. Nearly every area of life is affected by digital media, especially work.

Very often, financial resources for new equipment or hardware are limited and – especially at the start of the pandemic – there was such a dramatic increase in demand that it was almost impossible to meet it just with single donations from private individuals.

And this is why the project “Digitales Zuhause” (Digital Home) was set up. The project aims to provide homeless people with internet access and support them in their use of digital media.

Cooperating with Neue Chance e.V., we have already been able to donate 30 refurbished laptops. Further deliveries are currently in preparation.

Making work easier with donated equipment

The pandemic has made clear just how important internet access is. Equipment such as laptops are an important prerequisite for homeschooling, sending off job applications, looking for accommodation or taking part in further training. Internet-capable end devices enable homeless people to take part in training by social workers, to inform themselves about the situation and generally to become more involved in society again.

Every donation is welcome!

After we have refurbished the equipment, a Neue Chance e.V. Member of staff will install new operating systems. Then the laptops are ready to use and can be deployed straightaway.

Despite the currently available equipment, to provide the best possible support for homeless people every donation is still vital.

Lisa Neulichedl