Refurbished: making used hardware great again.

Refurbished: making used hardware great again.
29 Aug 2018

Many companies often replace their hardware after just three years. But this equipment is far from obsolete and can be refurbished. Refurbished hardware retains full functionality, is cheaper and conserves resources. Green IT Solution is a specialist in this field – combining IT with environmental protection.

Servers, PCs, routers or switches – many companies usually replace their network hardware or other electronic equipment after just a few years. There are many reasons for this, ranging from fixed IT hardware update cycles (every three years), tax-related aspects or internal company guidelines – through to high-level technical specifications which the equipment can no longer meet. The latter is often the case for operators of (cloud) data centres or telecommunications providers.

But when companies discard their hardware, it certainly doesn’t mean that this equipment is obsolete or no longer contemporary. It is possible that this hardware can still be used by other companies, e.g. those who need less bandwidth or computing power. From an ecological perspective too, it is also better to use hardware for as long as possible. Because up to 60 per cent of a device’s carbon footprint comes from its manufacture and transportation to its installation location. Only around 40 per cent of the total emissions come from actually using the equipment.

So why not invest more time in the diagnostics and maintenance of existing systems, or even resort to using refurbished hardware?

Refurbished hardware – this is how it’s done

Green IT Solution GmbH specialises in refurbished hardware and in this way makes an important contribution to environmental protection. The company primarily buys network components such as servers, routers and switches and refurbishes them. These devices have low wear and generally come from customers with a dust-free and uncontaminated operating environment. This means the effort required for refurbishment is lower than for other devices. Furthermore, servers, routers and switches have very stable prices and retain a high residual value, even after five years.

The refurbishing takes place at the Green IT Solution Technical Centre in Rödermark, Hesse. There, specialist technicians first of all carefully delete all the data saved on the equipment, in line with national and international standards, and reset the equipment to the factory settings. Then they replace the wear parts and remedy optical defects, before finally conducting thorough functional testing including an error protocol. If the tests are successful, Green IT Solution sells the refurbished hardware to businesses and organisations – with a guarantee period of 10 years, because our company is convinced by the quality of our equipment. When selling our products, Green IT places a special emphasis on providing our customers with comprehensive advice from a personal contact partner.

In recent years, the demand for used or refurbished IT equipment has been growing in all sectors. It is used in businesses of every size, state-owned companies, hospitals and universities. Compared to the total investment volume in the IT market, demand is still on the small side. This is primarily because many decision-makers and companies are not even aware of the option of refurbished hardware, or do not consider it because they have false preconceptions. But refurbished equipment offers numerous advantages.

10 year guarantee with environmentally-friendly, used hardware from Green IT Solutions


The same quality for a lower price

Green IT Solution’s customers profit in many ways:

  • Guaranteed quality: Since our company professionally refurbishes and thoroughly tests the hardware, we give an extended guarantee of 10 years on all products. So when it comes to quality, there is no difference between a new and a used piece of equipment.
  • Lower prices: Thanks to the long guarantee periods, companies can save up to 70 per cent compared to the price for a new product. This means that by using refurbished hardware, the investment and costs for IT projects can be permanently reduced. In the other direction, companies selling their used hardware to Green IT Solution profit from additional income.
  • Environmentally-friendly: A growing number of companies value sustainability and environmental protection. You can make a big contribution by using refurbished equipment. Just by buying one single refurbished switch, you save 190 kg CO2 and 10,322 litres of water. Green IT Solution has developed the Green IT Calculator in cooperation with the Green Design Institute of the Carnegie Mellon University. This enables companies to calculate the resources they save thanks to the purchase of each used piece of equipment.
  • Optimum product mix: Green IT Solution offers a comprehensive portfolio of refurbished and new equipment and components for the network technology sector – from renowned manufacturers such as Cisco, Juniper, Fortinet, Brocade, Alcatel and HP. Sometimes the purchase of new equipment is unavoidable. Green IT Solution is an expert and reliable partner here as well, delivering companies with the optimum combination of new and refurbished hardware, tailored to their specific needs.

As a matter of principle, Green IT Solution regards disposing of – or even scrapping – network equipment and components as the last and worst option. We check whether the hardware still has a market value or if it can be repaired. If this is not the case, we recommend our customer disposes of the equipment – but only then. Alternatively, we offer companies the chance to donate the equipment. There are numerous organisations which donate European IT hardware to schools and universities in Africa or other parts of the world. Vocational colleges and sheltered workshops welcome IT donations of this kind as well.

Find out more here about the advantages of refurbished hardware from Green IT Solution.

Lisa Neulichedl