„Green IT Solution´s corporate policy makes an active contribution to Germany´s energy transition.“

It is not only our enterprise’s green IT concept that brings significant benefits for nature, business and society. Green IT Solution itself is actively involved in the energy transition and climate protection. We believe that business activity entails a certain responsibility, which extends not only to ours customers but also to the conservation of vital natural resources for the present and future generations. That is why we have taken a number of decisions intended to set a good example and motivate others to build a future in which there is room for a clean environment, natural habitats and a protected climate.

Green electricity

All of Green IT Solution’s depots and offices run on green electricity. By using 100% eco-power gained exclusively from renewable energy sources, we are sending out a clear signal about the importance of environmental protection.

CO2-neutral shipping

All of our deliveries are CO2-neutral. That means that all harmful effects to the climate caused by our transports are offset by recognised climate protection projects in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol.

We plant trees

Every year Green IT Solution GmbH plants hundreds of trees in collaboration with Plant-for-the-Planet, thereby taking direct action against CO2 pollution. We plant one tree for each device bought by our existing customers.

Donation rather than disposal

If we receive functioning devices which no longer have any relevant sale value on the European market, we always look for another recipient to whom we can donate the equipment. This avoids a great deal of waste and helps others.

No wastepaper

Green IT Solution has always striven to organise its entire logistics operation and everyday office activities using as little paper as possible. Our goal is to avoid the excessive waste of paper seen in other companies.

Climate-neutral hosting

Sustainability considerations also play a major role in our choice of IT service providers. That is why we took the conscious decision to work with our hosting partner domainFactory in Munich. domainFactory cooperates with ClimatePartner, an organisation that realises numerous climate protection projects.

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