5 Reasons Why Refurbished Network Equipment is Better Than Brand-New Equipment

5 Reasons Why Refurbished Network Equipment is Better Than Brand-New Equipment
22 Okt 2020

Many companies rely purely on new equipment for their networks and, in doing so, miss the many advantages offered by refurbished hardware. Often, this is not only able to keep pace with new products but, concerning certain aspects, it actually compares better. This is why we’ve put together five specific points where refurbished switches and routers beat new products hands down.

    1. Reduced cost
      This is probably the most obvious point, so we should start here. Without doubt, hardware from premium manufacturers such as Cisco, Juniper and HP is powerful and durable – and the manufacturers expect to be paid accordingly. But if having the latest generation of products isn’t so important, then refurbished hardware from these manufacturers can provide an equally excellent service – but only cost around 50 – 60 % of the new price.
    2. Short delivery times
      Whereas new products often need several weeks or months for delivery, you can generally get hold of refurbished hardware significantly faster. This is of particular benefit if you’re in a hurry because, for example, a switch in your own network has failed.
    3. Never dead on arrival
      Even the market leaders are not immune to the phenomenon of equipment being dead on arrival (DOA). These are products fresh from the factory which do not work due to production defects. Of course the manufacturer will replace these products but, due to the long lead times involved, this could take weeks – time by which critical projects are delayed.
      Refurbished hardware has already proven that it works perfectly over a long period. What’s more, we thoroughly test every piece of hardware we refurbish and sell – so we can rule out our hardware ever being dead on arrival.
    4. Longer guarantee period
      You might find it surprising, but we at Green IT Solution offer a 10 year guarantee on thoroughly-refurbished network hardware such as switches and routers. The manufacturers offer just one year’s guarantee – if you don’t pay extra or agree additional contracts.
    5. An active contribution to protecting the environment
      Around 60-65 % of the resources consumed over the entire lifetime of a network switch are used during its manufacture and transport from Asia to Europe. The recycling process also uses up further resources before the raw materials (generally with a lower quality) can be fed back into the utilisation cycle. This is why using IT hardware for longer can make a real contribution to protecting the environment.
      For example, model calculations suggest that using a refurbished Cisco1921/K9 router will save 190 kg CO2 and 10,322 litres of water over the entire lifetime of the router. Calculate how much CO2 and water you could save using refurbished hardware with our Green IT Calculator.

It often makes sense to use a mixture of new and refurbished hardware. There are of course areas where it’s better to use new equipment – for example, regarding the time it takes to supply updates and providing support for the latest technology. Each company must decide for itself which criteria is important for its hardware. We at Green IT Solution would be happy to advise you.

Here we can also debunk another myth about refurbished hardware: it is most certainly not true that only by buying new products can you get extensive consulting services tailored to your requirements. Our in-house technicians and consultants are also able to advise you on refurbished hardware and additional services such as pre-installed software.

We are also happy to buy your used hardware in order to refurbish it for further use. This is another way in which you can contribute to a more sustainable economy.

Katharina Hupe