After arrvial the hardware isn´t working. Dead on Arrival.

The Phenomenon “Dead on Arrival” in discourse

"Dead on Arrival" Maybe the following situation is familiar to you and maybe it's still in the future. You urgently need a device to ensure the running operation of your firm or your client is waiting for you to finally deliver. But when you put the hardware in operation you find out that the device isn't working (dead on arrival). An incident that is not...

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Plant a tree with Green IT supports Plant for the Planet

Plant for the Planet – Green IT Solution gets involved

Plant a tree with Green IT There are lots of interesting projects in the field of environmental protection. Time and again, attention is focused on the topic of reducing carbon dioxide. Recently we were particularly won over by “Plant for the Planet”. That's why we immediately decided to support this project in two respects. With trees against carbon dioxide “Plant for the Planets” follows an...

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CO2 redution in daily life could be so simple

CO2 reduction in daily life

CO2 reduction has to begin in the mind. One has to really want it. Then we understand that each one of us is a small gear in the big transmission of energy consumption. And now we've arrived at the actual keyword. The more energy consumption per capita, the higher the amount of harmful for the climate CO2 that we release in the air. The Americans...

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