ECOPROFIT Munich celebrates 20 years: and we are a part of it!

ECOPROFIT Munich celebrates 20 years: and we are a part of it!
03 Nov 2017

We don’t just want to sell environmentally friendly products, but to put sustainability and protecting the environment into practice as part of our everyday work! In brief: if it says Green on it, there should be Green in it. So we will be there at the newcomers’ meeting in Munich. ECOPROFIT is the ideal opportunity for us to go a step further in corporate environmental protection. What’s more, we are delighted to be taking part in the 20th birthday celebrations. But what is ECOPROFIT in fact, and what are we planning to do?

From the beginning until now: ECOPROFIT in a nutshell

The Ecological Project For Integrated Environmental Technology, or ECOPROFIT, originated in Graz, Austria. The ambitious target is a reduction in operating costs while reducing consumption of natural resources, including water and energy, at the same time. To achieve this, committed collaboration between the regional economy and the relevant municipalities is required.

During the course of joint workshops, the participating companies are equipped with fundamental know-how regarding ‚Cleaner Production‘. Energy, waste and emissions are only a few of the focus points covered in the five workshops in which we are taking part. On-site consultations occur between the workshops. After around one year, the relevant project is audited and, ideally, the company is awarded the status of “certified ECOPROFIT company”.

Our goals

The strength and, ultimately, also the goal of the concept lies with building local networks. Specifically, this means bringing certified ECOPROFIT companies together to form a regional ECOPROFIT club to champion environmental protection.

And the network works: many great innovative concepts have already resulted from the exchange of ideas up until now, and we are very excited about their implementation.

What are we planning to do, specifically? A project to prevent plastic waste – which our customers can await with anticipation!

Stefan Winklhofer

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