ECOPROFIT – we got our certificate!

20 Jahre ÖKOPROFIT Deutschland und Auszeichnung der Münchner ÖKOPROFIT-Betriebe 2017/2018 am 8.11.2018 im Forum der IHK Akademie in München. Foto: Andreas Gebert
03 Dez 2018

Yes, we’ve got it! Green IT Solution was awarded the ECOPROFIT certificate in 2018. Along with 76 other participants this year, we had our efforts in energy efficiency and sustainability recognised.

As experts in refurbishing and environmentally-friendly IT solutions, conserving resources is part of our business model. But we wanted to do more. As an ECOPROFIT participant in 2017/2018, we came up with a special project for avoiding plastic waste – a reusable coffee-to-go beaker for our staff, customers and business partners. Just one of many measures which we are applying for material and cost efficiency. It all started for us in autumn 2017. Now, a good year later, we are delighted by the certification and the successfully implemented actions.

ECOPROFIT celebrates 20 years

While we celebrate our brand-new certificate, ECOPROFIT is celebrating its 20th anniversary. The environmental consulting initiative started in 1998 in Munich. Since then, it has been inviting businesses and municipalities to take part in a voluntary cooperation to help the environment. The original idea and still the guiding principle today: integrating ecology and business, with the aim of conserving natural resources and saving money for companies by reducing costs. Almost 300 companies have taken part in the project so far, just in Munich. Across Germany, more than 4000 businesses have received the certification, including service providers, manufacturers and public bodies. The size of the companies or the sector in which they operate is irrelevant.

Conserve resources and save costs

A cross-sector network has been established, which exchanges information about different specific activities concerning energy and material efficiency. What brings the participating bodies and businesses together is their effective commitment to saving resources, climate protection and sustainability – which also brings them economic benefits. ECOPROFIT acts as a local platform for sustainability and environmental protection, bringing municipalities and local businesses together, providing advice, and holding workshops. Furthermore, the programme also connects enterprises in different regions, e.g. via the Germany-wide Energy Efficiency Networks Initiative, in which we too are taking part this year.

How do you get the certification?

What does participation involve? The consultants at Arqum (Gesellschaft für Arbeitssicherheits-, Qualitäts- und Umweltmanagement mbH) support participating companies by examining their individual commercial operation in detail at the company’s premises. Working with the consultants, the companies develop actions to improve environmental protection and save resources and costs. After a certain period, the success of the activities is audited. Whoever fulfils the strict criteria of the ECOPROFIT award can look forward to receiving the coveted certification.

Green IT Solution GmbH received the ECOPROFIT certificate in 2018

Certification pays off

On the occasion of the current anniversary, ECOPROFIT Germany published figures on the overall savings made. And the balance shows: participating in the programme pays off. In the last 20 years, a total of 7 million tonnes of CO2 emissions were avoided – that is almost 5 per cent of the carbon dioxide that German forests are able to store each year. In addition, the participating enterprises saved 880 million kilowatt-hours of electricity and 5 terawatt hours of heat energy. This would be enough energy to supply 75,000 households with electricity and 22,000 apartments with heat – for 20 years! Energy savings which also bring financial benefits for the ECOPROFIT companies. A total of 1.1 billion euros has been saved this way already.

However, the real core of the concept is in the networking opportunities. Certified ECOPROFIT companies come together to form a regional ECOPROFIT club, which champions environmental protection in their region. And the network works, resulting in many innovative concepts already.

The next round starts in the spring

The next round for newcomer companies starts in spring 2019. ECOPROFIT newcomer companies from 2017/2018 and all previous club members are also invited to continue their activities in the ECOPROFIT club.


You can find out more about ECOPROFIT here, in the anniversary brochure.

Lisa Neulichedl