„Green IT is the environmentally-friendly answer to global warming and the shortage of resources.“

Green IT Solution stands for responsibility, security and sustainability. Our goal is to combine ecology and economic interests. Sustainability and careful use of resources constitute an important step if we are to act today to make a contribution to the generation of tomorrow. We believe that this combination of competitiveness and responsible conduct is not only possible but can even be profitable if appropriate concepts are implemented.

In our throw-away society, recyclability of our goods and resources is a first major step towards a better environment. By lengthening the lifetime of your equipment through re-use, you make a large contribution to lowering CO2 emissions and reducing the disposal rate. And ultimately you run your business more profitably by avoiding enormous expenditure on new equipment.

Global warming

From the extraction of raw materials and manufacturing through to the tremendously long transport distances, IT products are associated with a large range of CO2 pollution factors on their way to the end-user. Green IT is therefore an ecological measure against global warming! CO2 emission is avoided in:

Extraction of raw materials

Conservation of resources

The growing shortage of resources is not only making it more complicated, more environmentally harmful and more expensive to extract them. The fact is that there are simply fewer resources available. Thanks to the simple reconditioning of equipment, green IT represents the conservation of natural resources.

 Costly extraction
 Methods that jeopardise the environment
 Dwindling sources of raw materials

Reduction of waste

Unfortunately, in far too many cases European companies throw things away and buy new products instead of turning to refurbished products. However, the targeted use of reconditioned products can avoid huge amounts of waste.

 Inappropriate consumption behaviour
 Growing amounts of waste
Environmentally harmful disposal methods

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