„Simply concentrate on your core business, we will do the rest.“

We will handle all the work that has to be done in connection with your IT equipment so that you can concentrate on what really matters. Whether data erasure, relocation, recycling or determining the market value of your equipment – our well trained staff will look after your interests efficiently and meticulously.

We also offer a comprehensive service in connection with transport, de-installation and many other jobs important to you:

Data erasure

In collaboration with its partners, Green IT Solution GmbH supports you in data erasure and data destruction. This service can be performed on your premises or at our central depot in Frankfurt. You will receive certified erasure and destruction logs. Your data protection officers have access to our premises at all times, and of course we will handle all your data confidentially. Your hardware will be recycled in compliance with environmental regulations.


We will help you worldwide with the shipping of your new and used hardware. Commissioning experts to set up and replace your equipment makes sense for a lot of reasons (data security, compatibility problems, documentation, tight schedule, etc.). This process should be well planned and structured. Our experienced and capable team will take this work off your hands. Our procedures are carefully monitored and documented.


Would you like to replace hardware, close a site and not have to think about the de-installation and future use of your equipment? We will make sure that your equipment is safely and reliably de-installed, evaluated, listed with serial numbers, professionally packed, transported and reconditioned for resale or use at a different location. This will all be done within a precise schedule with accurate documentation.

Making inventories

In large IT departments, it is easy to lose sight of the market value and condition of the equipment currently in use. Our trained service staff will help you to make an inventory of your hardware and software. This will make it considerably easier to make decisions regarding new investments, to resolve performance bottlenecks or to arrive at a general evaluation of your capital.


A faulty piece of equipment can often impair the entire workflow. Fast action is required. We take prompt care of repairs and of any necessary replacement of defective components. We can provide you with a compatible substitute while your device is being repaired. We also offer this service for products that the manufacturer has classified as „end-of-life“ or „end-of-sales“.


Is your equipment too old for resale? We will dispose of your hardware in collaboration with our partners in accordance with the European WEEE Directive. Once the job has been done, you will receive a certificate verifying that your hardware was professionally recycled, so that auditors, for example, can trace what happened with your used equipment.

You will find good-value offers for refurbished hardware in our online catalogue.