In today’s world, ever improving IT equipment is constantly being put onto the market. As a result, we are often faced with the question of what to do with our old infrastructure. All too often, products that are currently no longer needed are stored for emergencies and, in the end, simply disposed of, thereby destroying a large amount of capital.

Increase your ROI (return on investment) and sell the equipment you no longer need at the current market price. If you plan your upgrade well, you can finance your new system to a large degree with your old one.

We have specialised in buying hardware produced by AlcatelBrocadeCiscoJuniper and HP

Classical buying process

The classical buying process is the simplest and fastest way of increasing your ROI (return on investment). We prepare a fair offer for the hardware you no longer use and take care of the entire planning and processing.

Fast, simple processing
Fast, reusable equivalent value
Fair determination of price

Commission-based purchase

You remain the owner of the goods while we search the market for buyers for your hardware. With this method, you can earn a much higher sum than with the classical buying procedure. You have constant online viewing access to ensure maximum transparency.

 Higher sales price
 Constant online monitoring
 Verifiable /Audit

Trade In

Take advantage of our uncomplicated part exchange for your new and used hardware. In return, you will receive a corresponding voucher that you can cash in with us within two years to buy new or used equipment.

 Maximum flexibility
12-month validity
 Also for the purchase of used equipment

We give you telephone support!

Simply get in touch. Tugrul Cebeci from the Green IT Solution sales team is available on +49 89 215 37 01-0. If you would prefer to write to us, please use our contact form.


To us, effective cooperation means security, a transparent and verifiable process and as little time invested by the customer as possible. To achieve this, we have developed a proven workflow based on our own experience and customer feedback:


First, we determine the current market value based on the information you have provided. We then draw up a complete, clearly structured list of your equipment with the number of units and the market value.


If required, our capable service team will handle the entire project. We will support you in the de-installation of your hardware, provide packing material if necessary and organise the transport.


Once they have arrived at our storage facility, an inventory is made of all the devices, and they are subjected to inspection in line with the highest standards of quality assurance. We refurbish defective equipment and make sure it is in a saleable condition. All data is completely eliminated in a special erasure procedure.


We utilise our global contacts to achieve the best possible result for the sale of hardware. The products reappear on the market under our name, refurbished and including warranty.

Do you want to capitalise on your used equipment?

Questions and answers about hardware purchasing

Which brands does Green IT Solution GmbH buy?

Essentially we are interested in all brands in the network technology and service technology sector. However, our product range is primarily focused on the top brands CISCO, HP, Fortinet, JUNIPER, ALCATEL and BROCADE . In our experience, these manufacturers will help you achieve the best resale prices. But if you have products from other manufacturers, we’re also happy to advise you, answer questions about a possible purchase and make you a non-binding offer.

Why and at what point is selling my old hardware worthwhile for me?

In principle, it always worthwhile to check whether selling your old hardware to Green IT Solution GmbH makes sense. Many of our customers already plan the sale of their old hardware before making new purchases. The advantage is that this way they can create space for their new hardware as well as helping to finance the hardware they want to buy.

What does the term "classic purchase scheme" actually mean?

The simplest way to sell us your hardware is via the classic purchase scheme. This operates on the exchange principle „money for goods“. If you prefer this option, then just send us a list with the products you would like to sell. We determine the current market value of your old hardware for you. Then send us your products for inspection. Once we have received them, we will transfer the agreed amount to your account and the transaction is complete. The main feature of this variant is that the whole process is fast and simple.

What is commission purchase?

With the commission purchase scheme, initially you remain the owner of the relevant goods. Our job is to find a suitable buyer for your old hardware. With commission purchase, we collect the used hardware from your premises. In our refurbishing process, the units are carefully refurbished, cleaned, tested and repackaged. Then we search for a suitable buyer for your refurbished network technology. Once the transaction is complete, you will receive a previously-agreed proportion of the profit from the sale. This purchasing process guarantees minimum effort for you and an optimum sales price for your used network technology.

What is the trade in process?

If we purchase your old hardware using the trade in process, you will receive a voucher which you can use within two years to buy new or used products from us. Trading in is a particularly flexible method with excellent cost advantages, since here we can offer you very good conditions.

Which details are necessary for a purchasing query?

To be able to make you a purchase offer as quickly as possible, we only need a list of the item numbers you wish to sell. To make the process easier for you, you can also use our online shop for this. Just place your item in the shopping basket and select the option „Sell“ under the „Interested in“ heading. But you can also send us a brief e-mail listing the relevant items. Once we have checked it through, we will send you our quote for the IT purchase.

Can I donate my IT hardware to charity?

If your hardware is no longer suitable for resale, but is still fully functional, we offer you the option of donating it to charity. Here we cooperate with charitable organisations.

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