The Phenomenon “Dead on Arrival” in discourse

After arrvial the hardware isn´t working. Dead on Arrival.
17 Sep 2015

„Dead on Arrival“

Maybe the following situation is familiar to you and maybe it’s still in the future. You urgently need a device to ensure the running operation of your firm or your client is waiting for you to finally deliver. But when you put the hardware in operation you find out that the device isn’t working (dead on arrival). An incident that is not only annoying but can also significantly harm your company. After all, a punctual delivery is an important prerequisite for the long-term success of a firm. DOA is the name for this total failure of your hardware. DOA is the abbreviation for the phrase “Dead on Arrival”. In the electronic business this term describes all devices that are defective on arrival. Because this is a sector where such delays can have wide reaching destructive consequences, most manufacturers and suppliers are fair and offer a Dead-On-Arrival warranty that allows for, amongst other things, a fast replacement of the product. But regardless of the fact that this takes a considerably less amount of time for the client than if the faulty product was to be repaired, there are plenty of problems following such an incident. For example there can be significant delays in completing an important project or even total failures in your firm, which don’t only cause financial harm, but also affect your good reputation.

Why are there hardly any DOA-cases with the used network technology of Green IT Solution Gmbh?

If you are buying a used car, you have to expect a higher repair cost with an increasing mileage. Because the constant use causes the mechanical parts to wear out they need renewing. It’s different with routers and switches. These devices have very few parts which are subject to wear and thus have a considerably longer life span than let’s say records, raids or LTO drives with mechanical parts. In accordance to this, it comes as no surprise that the network technology of Green IT Solution GmbH has a RMA-quota that moves in the decimal points. Our refurbished devices have proven to work in practice in a time span of two to three years and DOA-devices and defective devices, which e.g have cold soldiering joints or have been assembled incorrectly, have already been discarded. Apart from that we only sell and buy devices which have been kept under ideal conditions by their previous owner. So you can count on the fact that you aren’t getting low quality products from us and there is hardly a noticeable difference to new products.

We keep our RMA-quota low

To further lower our RMA-quota we put our devices through a full inspection and a stress test after we buy them and before we sell them to minimise a „Dead on Arrvial“. Thereby we clean the hardware, reset it to its factory settings and, if necessary, exchange wear elements such as power supplies and cooling fans. Before delivery an employee checks the full functionality of the device again and prepares a test record. In the rare case that a router, switch or other device malfunctions, we take care of the full RMA processing. In addition we offer a 10 year warranty for all refurbished network devices from Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel, Brocade and HP. So in using our refurbished hardware you reduce the DOA risk. We guarantee you not only the best quality at lucrative prices, but also help and advise you with potential problems.

Stefan Winklhofer

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